Candidate Interview Reminders for Loops

Make sure your candidates never miss a Loops interview.

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Prelude's Candidate Reminders feature ensures that your candidates never miss a meeting! Reminders can be set up for Loops, Bookings, and Booking Requests in a few simple steps.

How do Loops Candidate Interview Reminders work?

Once you've set up candidate reminders for your Loop, the scheduled candidate will receive the designated reminder email(s) at the time interval(s) you've set.

For example, if you set the time interval to 24 hours and the candidate is scheduled for a Loop that begins on Tuesday, 2/7 at 1:00 PM EST, they will receive the reminder email on Monday, 2/6 at 1:00 PM EST.

Reminders can be customized to include any and all information you wish to share with the candidate. This is a useful way to ensure that your candidate hasn't forgotten about their interview, and has everything they need to be prepared.

Note: Candidate Reminders do update dynamically when interview changes are made. We recommend making all interview changes through Prelude, rather than on your calendar.

Reminder Setup

Default Candidate Reminders

If you'd like to add reminders across all future Loops interviews, you can save time by setting up default reminders for Loops. These reminders are user-specific, not company-wide. Setting up default reminders for Loops will only affect the Loops you create.

To set default candidate reminders for Loops interviews, start by navigating to Settings > User Preferences > Loops.

You’ll see a section called Default candidate reminders. To begin setting up a default reminder, click Add reminder.

You can now apply an email template to your reminder, or create an email from scratch.

Select your desired template using the drop-down menu (if using). Then, be sure to select the time window for your reminder (how long before the interview you’d like the candidate to be reminded).

Once you’re done setting up your reminder, click the check box in the top right corner to accept changes.

You can now add another reminder using the Add reminder button, or finish out by clicking Save.

Once you’ve clicked Save, your default reminders are ready to go and will be applied to all future Loops! You can edit and add reminders to individual Loops as needed.

Adding and Editing Reminders for Individual Loops

If you need to add, remove, or change a reminder from the default behavior for a particular Loop, you can easily do so from the Candidate Communications tab once your Loop has been scheduled.

To edit an existing reminder on an individual Loop:

Start by opening the Loop and clicking on Candidate Communications.

Once you’re on the Candidate Communications tab, your communication list will be pre-populated with the default reminder(s) you’ve set.

If you need to change a pre-existing reminder, click on that reminder from the list and click Cancel send to edit.

You can now adjust the scheduled time, recipients, and email subject and body. When you’re done making changes, click Schedule Reminder.

Once you’ve clicked Schedule reminder, your reminder changes will be saved.

To add a new reminder to an individual Loop:

Open the Loop and navigate to the Candidate Communications tab.

Then, click on the clock icon to create a new reminder. (The green + button will create a new email, which cannot be scheduled for a specific time.)

Again, you’ll be able to select an email template and customize the scheduled time for the reminder, as well as the recipients, subject line, and email body. When you’re done, click Schedule reminder.

If you'd like to set up Candidate Reminders for Bookings and Booking Requests, check out this article.

If you have any questions about candidate reminders, please reach out to Prelude Support!

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