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Not Seeing Desired Loop Result
Not Seeing Desired Loop Result

I know there are other possible schedules, but I am only seeing a few Loop results.

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Prelude's Loops functionality is designed to simplify complex scheduling by offering you a few workable schedules, from which you can make minor adjustments as needed. If you need Prelude to show you more Loops results, or if there is a specific result you are looking for but aren't seeing, try using the troubleshooting steps below.

1. Use "Need more options?" feature

Click the Need more options? button in the top right corner, and try selecting some or all of the options in the pop-up. Doing so will generate additional Loops results.

  1. Allow splitting interviews across different days: Toggle this option on if you don't need your Loop to take place all in one day. (Recommended if you're working with interviewers/candidates in multiple different timezones and you aren't seeing results.)

  2. Schedule interviews back-to-back: toggle this option off if you want to allow space between interviews. If you have this toggle on, you're requiring Prelude to schedule interviews back-to-back, which will limit your schedule results.

  3. Ignore interviewer time preferences: Check this box to schedule outside of interviewers' time preferences as set on their Interviewer Profile. This might be necessary if you're scheduling across time zones or have interviewers with highly constrained calendars. Keep in mind that ignoring interviewer time preferences could result in interviews that fall outside of normal working hours.

  4. Ignore load balancing: Checking this box will allow you to schedule interviewers who have already reached their interview limits for the day or week.

  5. Ignore blockout dates: Checking this box will allow you to schedule over blockout dates such as company holidays.

  6. Ignore candidate availability: Checking this box will allow you to schedule outside of the availability that the candidate has provided as shown in the Candidate Availability stage of your Loop.

Try out these options and see if you get any results! If not, keep troubleshooting using the steps below.

2. Check interviewer calendars for all-day events.

Sometimes, calendar events are hiding at the top of the screen! If you believe that an interviewer is available, but you're not getting Loop schedule options, make sure to check for any full-day calendar events.

Full-day events appear at the top of the calendar, like this:

Click on the event to see if it is marked as "Free" or "Busy." If it's marked "Busy," it will block that interviewer from being scheduled for that day.

3. Check for calendar events without responses.

Prelude will read any event to which you have not responded or have responded "Maybe" as Busy, which would prevent Prelude from offering schedules that conflict with those events. Encourage your team to decline any events they won't be attending to make scheduling smoother.

4. Use Prelude's Automatic Conflict Resolution or Movable/Unmovable Meetings feature.

If your interviewers have jam-packed calendars, but some events are more flexible than others, we recommend using Movable/Unmovable Meetings. This feature allows you to tag certain types of meetings as "Movable" or "Unmovable." If a meeting is tagged "Movable," your Loops Results page can show you options that conflict with those movable meetings.

If you're consistently having trouble getting Loops schedule results, we suggest implementing Movable/Unmovable Meetings with your team.

Read more about Automatic Conflict Resolution and Movable/Unmovable Meetings here.

5. Use Drag and Drop to make minor adjustments.

Many Loops have millions of possible schedule combinations. Instead of showing all possible results, our Loops Solver will select a few good results, which you can then adjust to your liking. If you're not seeing a schedule that's quite what you're looking for, you can tweak it quickly and easily using Drag and Drop.

Simply open any calendar view of your loop, and drag and drop interviews to make schedule adjustments or add dynamic breaks. You can also click to move an interview to a different day.

If you've tried the troubleshooting steps above and continue not to see the desired results while scheduling your Loop, please reach out to Support.

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