Prelude is here to streamline your scheduling processes! Keep reading to learn more about each of Prelude's scheduling products.


The Loops feature was built to help manage complicated panel interviews. This feature will help you eliminate the headache of "Calendar Tetris", by presenting you with the best possible options to schedule your panel. 

For more details about how to get started with Loops, see here!


The Requests feature was built to help manage high volume phone screens and back-and-forth email exchanges. Requests are broken down into two types: Availability Requests and Booking Requests:

  • Availability Requests allow candidates to easily submit the dates and times when they are available for an interview. You can then use this availability to schedule interview panels that work for your interviewers and your candidate.

  • Booking Requests allow candidates to self-schedule individual interviews with a single click!

For more details about how to get started with Requests, see here!


The Bookings feature functions much like Booking Requests, but can be used for candidates and non-candidates alike! Bookings don't need to be linked to an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), so anyone can schedule time with you via your Booking link. Whether you'll be speaking with a colleague, sales lead, or potential business partner, Bookings save you time with simple, one-click scheduling.

For more details about how to get started on Bookings with Greenhouse, please see this article!

Not using Greenhouse? You can still use Bookings!

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