Requests allows you to send your Candidates a custom self schedule link in seconds via Greenhouse or Lever.

Start by selecting:

Next we’ll select a general template that anyone can use. (Please read “Setting up Request templates” for more information on templates ) - now we’ll click CREATE

For further customization, options on the next page allow you to adjust details for candidates on the fly including:

  • booking links

  • interviewers

  • duration

The next page allows us to actually send the candidate an email from here that will include the link we’ve just created for them. By selecting the email template I’ve already created in Prelude, you can see that their unique Bookings link has been added and hyperlinked in my email and we are ready to send to the candidate.

Once the candidate has booked some time, the interviewer and candidate will receive their invite and/or email confirmations, and the interview will show up in both Prelude and Greenhouse. The creator of the link will also receive a confirmation from email Prelude.

Do you learn better by watching? Feel free to watch the video tutorial for more information. And as a next step, read “Setting up Requests templates.”

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