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Loops User Preferences
Loops User Preferences

How to set up different Loop user preferences

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You can set personal preferences for your Loops. All settings on this page are user-specific, not company-wide.

To get started, navigate to Settings > User Preferences > Loops:

General Settings

In the general settings, you can adjust these options:

  1. Time increments for interview duration options - When adjusting an interview in a Loop, you can choose to see times across 15 minute or 5 minute increments.

  2. Default interview duration - When adding an interview to a Loop, this duration will automatically be selected.

  3. Default candidate availability - When you create a Loop without an Availability Request, this time range will pre-fill onto the Candidate's Availability step.

  4. Calendar invites settings - Display and enable different options for your invites.

Debriefs Default Settings

In this section, you can adjust default settings when creating Debriefs. To learn more, see this article: Debriefs Default Settings.

Default Candidate Reminders Settings

In this section, you can adjust default settings for your candidate reminders. To learn more, see this article: Setting up Default Candidate Reminders.

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