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Journey pages are composed of two main parts:

Journey Content

This can be configured in the "content" tab of the Edit Journey page, and in "Journey Step Templates".

Journey Schedule

This can be configured in the "schedule" tab of the Edit Journey page, and in "Journey Event Templates". See Journey Event Templates for more information.

Journey Content

Journey content contains the name of the step (e.g. Phone Screen), and a set of blocks.

Each block consists of a title and a body, and corresponds to a "box" on the Journey page. The Schedule block can be moved but cannot be edited. Blocks can be duplicated or deleted.

The title and body of the blocks can contain rich and/or custom HTML. Our in-app Rich Text Editor allows you to easily add pictures, videos, and rich text. Note that pictures and videos need to be self-hosted for now. You can also edit the HTML and add custom HTML if you'd like, although we are not able to offer support for formatting with custom HTML.

Blocks can be moved between the Main Panel and the Side Panel. On desktop, the Side Panel is shown to the left of the Main Panel. On mobile, the page is collapsed into a single-column layout, and the Side Panel is shown below the Main Panel.


Journey content can be saved into Journey Step Templates. These templates contain all the same information as the content tab.


Some ideas of things you can include in your Journey pages (get creative!):

  • What to expect for your interview

  • How to prepare for your interview, tips, etc.

  • Links to company materials (blogs, web pages, social media)

  • Company and team videos and pictures

  • Personalized video from the hiring manager, team, or recruiter

  • Links to additional PDFs

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